Thursday, January 5, 2012


I will be adding photos of the trip a little at a time, so check back for future updates.

I have started a flickr account for everyone to see our photos.
go to, I will start uploading our vacation photos here for you to see. Enjoy what I have started.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We are...

getting off the electric grid.

Our house is total electric. This means when we loose electricity, we loose everything. So our goal this year is to get some propane alternatives.

In February 2011 Kenneth bought a 250 gallon propane tank ($200.00) for valentines day. I was so excited, one step closer. In the summer we bought a totally propane, freestanding range. No electricity at all! We got it for $50.00 and it is practically brand new.
When the propane man came to test everything, since we did it all ourselves, and change over the stove from natural gas to propane, He just loved the stove.
Basically he said "the U.S. government passed a law that if it had any electrical parts (even a clock) it had to have an electric ignition for the oven. This means that most gas/propane ranges you still loose the oven when you loose electricity.

Kenneth ran pipes from the tank to the fireplace clean out and around to the kitchen wall.

He even put in a connection for the grill next to the patio.

Our Christmas present to us... a fireplace insert ($400.00).
We have fire!

Total cost so far... probable about $1000.00. This included bring the 1953 propane tank up to code by replacing everything on top, black pipe and connections.

Next, remodeling the kitchen to accommodate the new propane range.
For a sneak peak go here to see the new kitchen sink Amanda and I bought.
Note: We ended up spending seven (7) hours here on our first official visit.