Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bloggy Giveaways...

Its the Quarterly Bloggy Giveaway! It just started yesterday so go NOW! Go here to see all the blogs who are either giving away an item or have something special on their blogs. When I was there they had 1063 giveaways!

  • Just a note: we are expecting an ice storm starting in the next few hours (predicting up to 1" of ice). I have filled the water pitchers in the kitchen (for drinking), the camping water jugs from the shop (for flushing), done all the dishes and vacuumed (nothing worse than sitting around looking at clutter), we have food, 2 new magazines, the bird feeders are full and Kenneth will have to check the generator when he gets home. I have to work this evening, we'll probably be swamped with MVC's and falls. Everyone take care and we'll keep you posted. There's chicken in the crock pot...

made a creamy sauce..
with spices.

  • Amanda and Charles drove home yesterday and ran into the same storm before they got home. They ended up the last 50+ miles following the sand trucks and for the last 10+ miles following a woman driving 5 mph. They are both home today, Amanda just called and said nobody is going anywhere for at least today.

Curly Sue was very sick yesterday...watery diarrhea, vomiting, she wouldn't go outside (she loves outside), we fed her yogurt and water through a syringe to keep her hydrated. She woke up this morning "all better", so am very thankful for that. Here she has been digging another whole in the yard.

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