Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We are dating...

Great Dating Ideas from Cheap to Splurging

1.Go out for pizza
2.Try live entertainment, such as a band at a local bar or restaurant, instead of a movie.
3.Pick a TV show, get a season’s worth on DVD and make a running date to watch it together every night. (we did this with The Office and Lost)
4.Head out to the dollar theater and splurge on snacks.
5.Try brunch and a matinee; fancy restaurants are way more affordable in the a.m.
6.Pick up a bucket of fried chicken and head for the drive-in.
7.Dress up your backyard picnic table with a white tablecloth. Add candles, fancy cheese, chocolate and voila: five-star fun!
8. Too cold or wet for an outdoor picnic? Spread a blanket on the floor and have a carpet picnic. (we do this when we eat pizza with the kids!)
9. Bring home your favorite fast food, but serve it on your best china.
10. Museums usually have one free night a week or month, so hit one then.
11. Find a happy hour half off appetizers and order a few for your dinner!
12. Take a sketchpad to a scenic bluff and draw your own version of the vista.
13. Grab a basketball and hit the free courts at the park.
14. Sample international food at a street fair.
15. Hit the local video arcade.
16. Go to the library and page through the coffee-table art books, or any books!
17. Suit up and spend a late afternoon at the indoor pool of the Y.
18. Head to the highest point in town. Spend an early evening watching the twinkling lights turn on.
19 Drive out to a country field, lie down and snuggle under the stars.
20. Make yourselves the biggest, craziest ice cream sundae ever.
21. Take a tour of the house you’d (someday) love to own.
22.Paint coffee mugs at a paint-your-own-pottery place.
23. Sign up for a one-night class at your local college.
24. Hit a farmers’ market and scavenge for your dinner.
25. Take a tour of garage sales in the ritziest neighborhoods.
26. Head to an ice skating rink and strap on skates for some icy fun.
27. Book a double massage at a spa.
28. Take a balloon or helicopter ride over your town.
29. Rent a fancy car. Tool around as if you actually own it.
30. Find a nearby bed-and-breakfast. Spend the night someplace where someone else makes the bed and cooks breakfast.

These ideas are from Michelle at Muffin Tin Mom...

Check out Michelle’s complete date idea list, and read her truly touching article in full here at Muffin Tin Mom. Besides dating ideas she has "Muffin Tin Mondays" and lots of kids craft ides. Very good site for all kinds of ideas.

More ideas for pre-packaged dates (?), what are they... see here on "My mix of 6".

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