Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am trying this year to be a better gardener, so last week I finally started some of my seed indoors.
I planted some "fish peppers", supposed to be mildly hot also I saved some seeds from some "Italian red peppers" I bought at Sam's Club last year, we'll see if they will grow.
I wanted to start my tomato plants earlier this year and discovered I didn't have any seed left, so I ordered more seeds from Baker Creek Seeds and had my new seeds in 3 days. I ended up ordering 7 different kinds (all RED variety) for canning and making sauces and salsa.
So they have also been started and am hoping for a better yield this year.
The onions I planted are doing well even after the freezing weather we had this winter, Not sure yet if the lemon and lime trees survived, they were too big for me to bring in this winter, I will trim them back and see what happens.

I was listening to two older farmers/gardeners this week talking about their gardens and learned...

1. plant your potatoes on Valentines Day.
2. Wait until after Easter to set out your tomatoes.

Do you have any further advise for me?


Sparkling said...

I'm shocked every year when my saved seeds actually grow. When to set them out and how to harden them off is always my big issue. I have burned many a plant in my day! This year, I have a greenhouse, or will have, and I am so thrilled. You should visit my blog and read about the greenhouse adventures!!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry about the lemon and lime trees!! They had gotten so big!! I remember when they were just little baby plants! I hope they make it!! Good luck with the gardening this year! I'm helping dad with his this year. were even gonna get into some canning this year too, so next time we see you hopefully we'll have some goods for ya'll!! Take care. xoxo Courtney