Sunday, May 5, 2013

Buried treasure...

the dirt pile that was left by the driveway was full of grass and rocks from the old driveway.
so Kenneth built a screen and we have to work the dirt thru it, but we have been able to fill  in a lot of the low areas in the front yard with the cleaned dirt.

I remembered that the original driveway was lined with bricks, which had been buried over time.
So we dug them up to reuse later... 

 we ended up finding about 40 bricks...
All these plants we also transplanted from where the fence was removed before they did the driveway...Purple  Iris, blooms early spring,  Orange Day lilies, blooms all summer, Red Spider Tulips, blooms october and the greenery last through the entire winter, yellow Daffodils, blooms early spring.  So this bed will have something blooming all year round. 
*** I am so excited to see everything bloom!
 we moved hundreds of bulbs!  This whole bed was basically planted for free.
(we sprinkled the path with rock salt, to also kill  out the weeds/grass from this area)

 finished off the front porch path with one more concrete slab...

covered the front bed with black plastic to try and kill out the weeds which have taken up growing there. Built the second set of planter beds which will have a path between them. 
I have been saving our newspapers for the last 14 -15 months which were reused to lay down under the black garden fabric which goes under the planters...

Note: I just wanted to say that the trees I pruned in February, and the hydrangea are coming back and have blooms on them.  But, this area gets too much sun for now and am trying to come up with some way to shade/protect it from the summer sun.  it's supposed to be a "Shade Garden".

the bed on the south end of the house, This is going to be a "Full Sun"  garden. We added the flag pole and a sitting area. Reused the "Found" brick to line the path.We did purchase some red/orange lantana which will fill the front edge and bloom all summer.  I wanted to also mention that everything planted in this be is a perennial... so they will come back every year. I also planted some White Daisy seeds between the Iris which will bloom in the summer.

Note: I just wanted you to know that most of these things I have been stock piling over the last 4 - 5 years... that's how long I have had a vision for this whole area, which we actually started working on in 2004.  Its actually coming together!

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