Thursday, January 30, 2014

Five days...

 I took a couple extra days off from work
so we could finally complete several projects. 
This is what we finished yesterday...

Got Red Plastic paint...
I saw this done on
"Mango and Tomato" a beautiful blog.
such a simple thing...


spray the knobs,
 make sure they are super clean.
Took several thin coats...

WOW! what a difference.

Pinch Me! It's so pretty.

When I got up yesterday I made coffee
 and scraped out the caulking grout we had used.
We went back and bought some
more of the regular TEC Grout
and did it again.
Kenneth applies, I clean.
We also went with a little darker
shade, it looked like cocoa in the jar.

Much better...

painted trim boards and 
It's Done!  Who wants something baked?

Scroll on down to see what all we got
 accomplished it the last five days...
Today I get to go back to work...

Check back soon, there's more to come.

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