Monday, August 18, 2014

Our latest project...

Kenneth "The well house looks like it needs repainted"

I had come to the same conclusion.
I had picked out a green color to help it blend into the trees, but I was in town and Kenneth couldn't find my Notebook where I keep all my ideas, let's just call it "my brain".  So he said "it's green, just buy a green paint."

so while he did some finish/repair work on it
I scraped all the old paint off...

do you know how many shades of green there are?

This is what I bought, it's called "Shamrock" 
by Bear Paint


Okay if you squint one eye it kinda blends, don't you think  :-)

the blue square is for a touch of the sky, more about that later...
but it also reminded me of those Quilt Block Barns.
That gave me another idea.

Stay tuned for my brilliant revamp of the well house
into a cute outbuilding...

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