Sunday, September 21, 2014

what's happenings...

First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Pre-K

there was a wedding...

the cutest cake...

I've been sewing some...

my September Block
"Philadelphia Pavement"

I made two blocks for a table runner.

Then "Honey, there's no hot water"

replaced the water heater, it was 12 1/2 years old.

Kenneth was cleaning up in the shop 
and replaced the handle on a hammer...


the other one wasn't very accurate, It hit the wrong nail.

then he came across this "little friend"...

about 20" Copper Head, 
the first snake we've ever seen here
and hopefully the last.

was driving back from Quilt Club Wednesday, 
Sept. 17, 2014 @ 3:56pm
and had to stop to take this picture.

some friends came in to town, we went to Shreveport one evening...


we came home even...
I know when to walk away.

1 comment:

Art and Sand said...

I would be freaked out to find a snake in our yard. I think the dog would find it first.

I love the picture with all the names on the backs of the t-shirts.