Thursday, January 8, 2015

My WORD for the year...

People seem to pick a WORD for the year, is this in place of resolutions?
Anyway I always thought "I don't have a WORD for the year..."
So this year when I started going over some things I wanted to accomplish for the year I realized "I DO HAVE a WORD for the year..."

It is  "CLEAN" 

That is my WORD for the year...

Since I am trying to follow not one or two but THREE 
different Home CLEANing and de-cluttering blogs and 
also I am going to try and change up the way we eat to 
what they call CLEAN eating, which I take as more 
fruits and vegetables, I realized I had a WORD after all.

If your interested in following along here are the 3 sites 
I'm following...

  1. Fly Lady    I have followed her for several years now, as she says " You are never behind, just start where you are"  She has a wonderful system to get you started with just 15 minutes a day.  
  2. Apartment Therapy     Started a system for the new year, "The January Cure" gives some quick, easy and great advice. It's not to late to get started.
  3. My Simpler Life    by Beth Dagis, I have also been receiving her weekly emails with little reminders of way to simplify your life and treat yourself too.  She has a downloadable DECLUTTER CALENDAR, which I am following also.
Since we did away with the cable company last year we watch a lot of PBS on TV.  So we have gotten into watching CREATE TV.  It is a wonderful channel which has craft, cooking and travel shows.  I recently started watching, Christina Pirello on Christina and Christina Cooks.  She teaches healthy cooking, which I realized we could incorporate into our menus. Follow along with her One Healthy Thing.

I hope everyone is staying warm through this latest cold snap, it's 14* here this morning... Get out your buckets and your rags and trash bags and let's get CLEANING!
It's a good way to feel better and stay warm.

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