Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baker Creek...

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is located 5 miles north of Mansfield, MO. about an hour east of Springfield, MO. They sell rare seeds which can be grown and the seeds saved for the future. We bought $30.00 in seeds which may seem like a lot but the seeds can be kept in the freezer for up to 10 years and used as needed, and the plants which grow can be dried for seeds to be used for future plantings or passed on to others.

This year I paid $3.00 per plant (5 plants = $15.00) for pepper plants which have barely even made any peppers and you can't save the seeds for next year ( I tried that with last years plants) because the seeds won't grow. We bought 15 different types of seed packets to be used for the next several years in the kitchen garden.

Take Highway 60 East from Springfield, when you get close to Mansfield you will start seeing signs to "Share the Road" this is Amish country. We saw five different wagons as we were driving through.

Herb Garden , I would love to have something like this in our yard, they dried their own herbs and sold them in...

the Apothecary Shop

this is a picture of their chicken run... you can barely see it but they had a garden planted in the middle.

a beautiful garden gate...

they have their own little village here called Bakersville... in the middle of the village is a garden full of tomato plants.

funny little cabin

a water wheel on the outside of...

the Flour Mill, which is run by their Grandmother...

we went in and bought a cinnamon roll, still warm fresh from the oven...

some of the many vendors

there was live music...

a beautiful family we met, there daughter was giving out information about Nigerian Pygmy Goats.

want to buy a bloodhound? he was trying to untie her bow.

they had alot of animals around, some for sale some which they were raising. Mr. Tom was very talkative.

a post and beam building made completely from wood pegs.

fancy ducks and geese

beautiful male peacock

these geese had double chins

This was an amazing place run completely by a family and friends, if your ever close to this area we would highly recommend you stop in for a visit, the 1st Sunday of every month. If you can't get there you can order their seeds online from the catalog here. If you order from the catalog your name goes in so you will automatically receive another catalog next year. I found their catalog worth receiving just for all the wonderful pictures and information which they give. When we went to buy our seeds they let us borrow a copy to use as we tried to determine which varieties of seeds to buy, they were pleasant and willing to answer all our questions. They sell over 1200 different varieties of seeds, but get your order in early for some because they sell out fast!

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