Monday, November 1, 2010

Cooking like Julia...

The other night for "Date Night" Kenneth and I watched Julie and Julia. This was a really good movie and I realized that even though I remember watching Julia Child on TV,I was never really interested in making anything she cooked. I also thought that Julie Powells kitchen is alot like mine. Not much room to work. The one thing I took from the movie, Don't be afraid to try!

Also Julia lived to be 91 years old and her husband Paul lived to be 92. They married when she was 40 and learned to cook in Paris using REAL butter! I wonder what her cholesterol count was?

I just went and bought my first stick of real butter. it was $3.14 for 2 cups I think I would get 2 cups out of a gallon of milk which cost 5.00 plus gas $$.

Yogurt is $1.98 for 4 cups, or I can make 16 cups for $5.00, a much better deal. You also get the whey to use in cooking/baking. I strained some yogurt yesterday to make yogurt cheese, kinda like cream cheese and can be used in place of it.

I used the yogurt cheese to make some Devenshire cheese (whipped topping), Kenneth said "It tasted awesome!" he also said i should watch more Julia Child.

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