Thursday, December 5, 2013


I finished up my first "Sashay" yarn scarf...
Not a very good self photo, I finished it at work. I'm starting another one today.

Yesterday i was up at 5:00am, got my gored panel skirt completed, just need to do the hem.
I ended up being able to get 12 panels, connected them with "french seams"
because the material frayed really bad. The top is from an old pair of pants.

I got boots!!!
I have never had any before...and they fit!
Dusty was NOT impressed.

Somebody got into the markers...
(they are washable)

Amanda and Charles are getting 8-9 eggs a day now.
Here's one of the first blue ones. They are layed by the Americaunas.

My next "Pinterest" inspired project.
The window seat next to the fireplace. Except ours will have bead board across the front.
So it will be enclosed and match the fireplace. Just not sure if I will go dark stain or light.
The fireplace mantle will have a similar look and be the same stain.

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