Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Arrived...

Wednesday we got a real wet snow... very view from the "Penthouse" where I work.  That's my car just left of the tree.

back view of the hospital from the monitor I have to watch.

Our house is in the yellow area, we were with out power for 46 hours.
Kenneth used the generator and fireplace to keep everything going.
He learned alot about what can run together and what has to be switched on or off to get the best usage.  It was like living on "Green Acres", for those who remember the show, she had everything labeled with a number so she would know what could be turned on or off.  
He did go through what I would call "electronic withdrawal", no TV or computer.  We did figure out the little older TV in the bedroom would work, so next time....... it won't be quite so bad.

But, actually it was the most prepared we have ever been, and the first time we got to use all the remodel work, switching from total electric to propane for heating and cooking, it was worth everything we've done. 

Shortly after they got the electricity turned back on I finally notified him that round two was on it's way!  Luckily we stayed just on the southern edge and didn't end up getting anymore.

our backyard...

feeding the birds (taken through the kitchen window screen)

We also started on the next remodel project...
redoing the Guest Bedroom (or the girls room, sorry Sam)

I decided to start by scraping off the popcorn ceiling, since we could hopefully control the dust/debris fallout by closing the door.

So we started by removing everything from the room...

the "crew" (Kenneth) worked on it during the snow, it came out really well.

Ideas:  Blue Sky Ceiling, coming down into white walls with clouds around the top (I don't know how yet, have to do some research)
A chalkboard wall with some kind of bunk beds.
Hopefully they will be big enough for adult guests too.
Did I mention the iridescent glitter?
stay tuned....

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