Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Virginia Tornadoes

I spoke with Sam and Courtney (Hopewell, VA.) last night after I heard about the tornadoes. Their fine, some wind and rain but nothing severe. The one tornado went through Colonial Heights, Sam said it crossed I-95 over by the mall, Circuit City area. His boss had one cross in front of him while driving down I-95. They live about 10 miles from there. You just never know.

Well I'm off to work, more later.

Amanda and Charles go to her Dr. appt. this afternoon, is it a boy or girl?
We'll soon know. Pink stuff? Blue stuff?

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Amanda Pemberton said...

It's a GIRL!!! I know you always wanted to have another me around! Charles says we are going to name her "I don't know." Don't you love the ring to it? I love you. *Muah*