Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We also have fruit...

Well at least in a year, maybe. I ordered Dwarf Lemon, Lime trees and a blueberry plant in February. The blueberry took 3 weeks to arrive. I just knew it was too dried out, but I soaked it overnight and then planted it outside in its new home. Now look at it (I wasn't dreaming) it does have leaves.

Yes, that's right its only 4" tall. It may take two years before we get blueberry jam. The lemon and lime trees arrived in only 2 weeks. they are doing really well, but it says it will be a year before we get fruit. Get your Corona's ready!

We have red strawberries! The peach tree we discovered growing over the back fence last year has peaches on it. So I covered it with netting, I hope to get the fruit before the birds do. See the little peaches.

I also planted one pot with herbs. Cilantro (for the salsa), peppermint and chamomile (for tea), and catnip (for you know who).

Oh, right in the middle of the herbs is a Lavender plant. Here's to sweet dreams.

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