Monday, July 19, 2010

Falling in Love...

“Falling in love at first sight is understandable.
It’s staying in love that’s the miracle!”

Fifteen secrets for staying in love:

  • Look for reasons to laugh.
  • Count your together blessings, together.
  • Reminisce about why you fell in love in the first place.
  • Recall the problems you used to have and how you solved them together.
  • Anticipate doing something you both love to do.
  • Watch your favorite movie.
  • Take a long drive and listen to the music of your olden days.
  • Pray for each other.
  • Decide that unity is more important than being right.
  • Think of love as a verb: it’s something you do, not something you expect.
  • Forget about changing each other.
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness.
  • Speak kindly and lovingly to each other.
  • Hang out. You can’t work on togetherness if you’re never together.
  • Practice.
35 years ago we fell in love at first sight. It was fun. Now we fall in love over and over, as we gain insight. That is even better!

copied from The Mother Huddle.

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