Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seasons of our life...

if you are between 50- and beyond
you are in the WINTER of your life..
Not the end at all, actually a NEW beginning...

My favorite season...
Ahh you have more wrinkles to your smile,
* unfortunately this is too true...
you take longer to get up and going in the morning..
* isn't that what Aleve is for?
I think you LAUGH more in this season, at least I do...
I cherish every single moment, every little miracle
that happens to come across my path.
I count blessings each and every day.
* because, working where I do, I know how quickly your life can change.
This is the time of your life when you realize
GOD has a great sense of humor and he has blessed
you with it...
* that and grandchildren and the knowledge that I raised two wonderful adults.

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