Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 5 - Four Corners and Monument Valley Arizona

It's time for breakfast...

In Oklahoma they do buffalo statues,
in Colorado they have Panther Statues.

and we're driving...

site of the original cabin built in 1893, of one of the first family's to settle in Bluff, Utah. They were Morman's who came to this SE corner of Utah to settle and built a "road" for others to follow from their settlement's in the NW of the state. We watched a short movie telling about their journey. They expected it to take them 6 weeks to get here. They had already established a route four weeks out from their beginning. But once they got to that point where they expected it to be just two more weeks, it took them 6 months to complete.  They left in September and expected to be there by middle of October, but they ended up having to spend the entire winter on the trail, "building a road" for others to be able to follow.  Not a single person died, in fact 3 babies were born.  Once you see some of the terrain photos that we shot you may have a better idea of the hardships they encountered.  Also remember, they were traveling by covered wagon. 

The pictures of the cabins and the fort they established was one of the highlights of this trip.  It was just amazing to me the faith they had to travel into the unknown.  

You can read more about their journey 

beautiful cedar logs make up the inside,
it smelled really good.

The ladies at the visitor center were so nice,
they also gave us directions to an area outside of town called "Gooseneck"
she said, "It's about 10 miles outside of town, there will be a little sign. Its well worth the short drive to go see it. You overlook the river where it winds around."

So we head back down the road, checking our mileage...

First views of Monument Valley...

Oh, there's the sign...
20 miles down the road.

there were picnic tables set up along the edge so we stopped and ate lunch with this as our view.

about in here, Kenneth asked 
"Just how many pictures can you take?"
I don't know...

and then the camera said
"Memory Exhausted!"
WHAT!!!!  We're not even to Monument Valley yet!
I won't be able to take anymore pictures?

So the pictures from here all all taken with Kenneth's cell phone.

Walking in John Waynes' footsteps...

We stayed the night on Historic Route 66
in Seligman, Arizona,
it's one of the places that was represented in the Disney movie "Cars"
and this is by far the best place to eat EVER...
We ended up eating here three times.
Do NOT order seperate servings, we shared every meal by just ordering for one.

cinnamon roll anyone?

Kenneth ordered the Philly cheese sandwich
and sweet potato fries, they were awesome.

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