Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 7 - Las Vegas, Fremont Street and Brodie plays baseball...

Sheri at work

the strip as seen from the freeway at 70mph...

everyone agreed we had the best chicken wings
at this restaurant, on the corner of Fremont East.

Very nice place, you didn't even know
we were right outside Fremont Street.

Home of the "Neon Graveyard"

Sheri and I walked around to look at "First Monday"
Art exhibits...
Kenneth went to try his hand at the one-armed bandit.

then we walked on down to the Container stores...
a little group of shops set up on the east end of Fremont
built out of shipping containers.
It was so cool, Again, I couldn't believe we were just a couple blocks from Fremont Street Experience.
It was very family oriented.

It had a 4-5 story playground in the center for kids to play on and a stage at one end for live performers with  a huge sand area with giant blocks for kids to play.

one side was two srories the other side had three stories. The giant clock tower is also an elevator.

we saw these guys tracing out this mural on the building across the street.

climb the stairs and Zip line over the heads of all the people below...

Live band...

the next day Brodie had a baseball game...

drove by the "Las Vegas" sign

wedding chapel
see the people, they just got married...

scenic statues along the freeway

Stratosphere ride
hangs you over the edge and spins you around.

Look who's at Brodies game...

Brodie plays for the Angels, he got a tatoo...

Sheri got a Star balloon hat.

every player has a buddy that stays with them the entire game.  They play one hour, everybody hits the ball, everybody runs the full bases, everybody is a winner.

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