Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We're Back...

I am just sick... We'll my status as a computer genius has been tarnished. When I downloaded the pictures we took from our trip and all the things we did at my Mom's I didn't get them transferred correctly to the computer and I formatted the camera before I realized it, so there all just a memory. Sorry guys.

We have puppies. Two girls and one boy. They were born on Charles and Amanda's 2nd anniversary, May 6th. She had four but the first boy didn't make it. They are now 1 week old. They will be available about the first week of July.

Here's Mom, but we had the others looking in and she moved.

Dusty and Colby at the door, they know they can't come in.

I did take some pictures of the garden when we got home. The sunflowers are almost as tall as the patio cover.
Amanda wanted to know what we're feeding the squash.

Here is a picture of the watering set up, see the PVC pipes connecting all the beds, and the timer, which we got at WalMart, allows you multiple watering possibilities.

Also Happy Anniversary to Sam and Courtney... 1year May 12.

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