Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kitchen remodel...

Phase III... the pantry wall...

these are the plans the designer (me) drew out to show the construction
contractor (Kenneth), what I wanted built.

Easy enough to understand, right!

(unfortunately he missed seeing that the base board was to be 7' 1 1/2"
 so it will only be 7' 1/2".  He said he didn't see the 1...
did you see the 1? But it's all good)

and so it begin...
this is the last major build in the kitchen...
but there will be quite a bit of trim/finish work.

P.S. We discovered that Lowes will rip your plywood,
1st cut is free and then only .25 cents per cut after.
So with my exact measurements we descended on the
lucky employee who was going to be cutting for me.
 I cannot recommend this more. After purchasing 3 sheets plywood.
With just 5 cuts and $1.00, we have the beginnings of the pantry.

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