Saturday, January 19, 2013

Remember the saying...

"A Place For Everything...And Everything In Its Place"

We're getting there...

we got this far and had to stop for Kenneth to have hand surgery.
This was planned, not something urgent.

Dr. said it's possible it's hereditary.

waiting for the Dr., he got purple bear sock to keep his feet warms.

UPDATE: hand is healing fine and he should get his stitches out in 4 more days.

But I already have him back to simple things...

the kitchen has its "BLING"
(knobs and handles)

and I'm finishing up the tile...

UPDATE: completed it today.

now I have to get up my nerve to grout.

We'll put an edge piece on this counter top, trim work, paint the walls,
put up the dining room light...

We talked with the cabinet door maker and got prices, we'll probably do them in sections.

We should be finished in our year timeline.

Now what room to do next?

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