Sunday, November 9, 2008

Frugal shopping...

Whenever I go to make a purchase, especially a large item, I always try to do research online and compare prices before making a finale decision. Needless to say this just about drives my dear husband totally bonkers. He would be satisfied walking in and buying the first thing he sees. I just can't do that, because I would always wonder if I could have gotten a better deal.

About 6 years ago when I purchased my very first brand new refrigerator I researched all the models online and checked them for "energy star" (electric usage) and then went to LOWE'S to actually do an on sight inspection, with of course all my wants in mind.

The employee in the appliance area was trying to be very helpful in showing me all the different models and answering any questions I had. I wanted ice/water in the door and clear shelves and drawers and clear holders in the door. He followed me around the four different rows several times but he finally gave up and him and Kenneth just decided to wait it out, as I passed by a couple of times I heard him ask Amanda "What's she looking for now?", while I looked over all the different models until I was able to get it down to one. But the thing is I had already determined where I was going to find the best price and only had to actually visit one store.

I always try to consider these thing when making a purchase:

  • Can I afford this?
  • Does this purchase have other related costs involved?
  • Am I informed on this item?
  • Have I comparison shopped?
  • Do I need this?
  • Do I have room for this?
  • Is there a lower-cost alternative?
  • Will this purchase help me toward my goals?
  • If I waited to purchase this item, would it be less expensive?
  • Do I have the cash to buy this or is it going to have to be charged?
  • How long would it take me to save up or pay it off the credit card?

You never want to buy anything and then get home and end up feeling guilty because you didn't have the money for it or worse yet find out it has overdrawn you at the bank. Nothing is a good deal if you have to start tacking on overdraft charges!

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