Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving...

We celebrated our non traditional Thanksgiving Saturday before Thanksgiving, because Kenneth and I are both working Thanksgiving day. This year I decided I didn't want to fix the traditional foods; turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, five-cup salad, pink salad. I wanted finger food, appetizers. We did bake a sliced ham, but everything else was something different. Where was my camera...I got no pictures, sorry.

  • Frito corn salad

2 C whole kernel corn

1/2 C finely chopped onion

1/2 C finely chopped bell pepper

2 C grated cheddar cheese

1 large tomato, chopped (optional)

1/3 C mayonnaise

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (it was actually better the next day)

Have Frito's on the side to top just before serving.

  • Fruit salad (Sam, this is the new and improved "Pink" Salad)

1 can fruit cocktail, drained

1 large can cherry pie filling

1 can pineapple chunks, drained

1 C small marshmallows

1 C shredded coconut

1 8 oz. carton Cool-whip

1 handful grapes, sliced

1 can mandarin oranges, drained

1 can Eagle Brand milk

1 C pecans, chopped

2 bananas, sliced in half, then in half again (quartered)

Mix all the fruit in a bowl, add Eagle Brand, marshmallows, coconut and chopped pecans, mix again. Fold in cool-whip, refrigerate. Add bananas right before serving. You can change this up by adding to or leaving out anything you want.

  • crab won tons

1 envelope crab meat

8 oz cream cheese

green onions, sliced

Mix together and put small amount in won-ton wrapper, seal and deep fry.

  • sausage roll ups

1 pound Hot Jimmy Dean sausage, browned

8 oz. cream cheese

Mix together sausage and cheese place in crescent roll squares, seal edges and bake.

  • celery with pimento cheese

  • cream cheese jalapeno poppers

mix cheese and jalapenos together in bowl, place small amount in crescent roll squares and bake.

  • roasted asparagus

  • BBQ little smokies, made in crock pot.

  • Hawaiian sweet rolls

  • glazed ham

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