Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More ways to save...

In our continued quest to help save on the electric bill Amanda and Charles got me some plastic window insulation which we'll place over the dining room and living room windows. This house only has single pane windows and they let in a lot of cold air. I already have mini blinds and curtains over them but this will give me a third layer of insulation.

I started getting the newspaper about 4 months ago and piling them up in a box after I finished reading them, so I finally called our local Wast Management to see if the had someplace to bring them in for recycling. They were so nice and even offered to supply me with a GREEN bin to put them in. We aren't even customers of theirs or even eligible for there services but they were very eager to assist us with our recycling needs; paper, plastic, cans and cardboard. Kenneth already took in one load Saturday and placed it in the dumpsters.

Since Kenneth takes his supper to work everyday and he likes a little dessert instead of buying the pudding and jello cups from the store I started making up my own in the kitchen. 4 cups from the store are 1/2 cup each (2 cups) for over $1.00. Jello is $.38 a box and I bought 1 cup reusable containers to put it in, you can also add fruit for about $.75 and you end up with 3 cups at just a little over a dollar. I also do pudding cups at $.50 per box plus the 2 cups milk at $.20 per cup is about the same price , but mine doesn't have all the preservatives in it the stores does and I can make up more flavors. Something else I learned...i'm always learning something...its really easy to make "cook and serve" pudding in the microwave and much easier than standing over the stove. You just cook it for one minute at a time and stir after after each minute for up to 5 - 6 minutes.

heres a chocolate/vanilla pudding and orange jello

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