Monday, May 11, 2009

the kitchen garden...

We have three raised garden beds which we built last year... this one has green beans on the right and golden zucchini closest to you on the left and okra further down on the left. We bought a hog panel (cut in half) to use for support of the beans and sugar snap peas. We had the Lowes store cut the panel for us, it almost took an act of Congress and signing in blood that we wouldn't try and return it to get them to get us some bolt cutter and in the end Kenneth cut it instead of the employee.

This is the third bed it has tomatoes on the right and jalapenos, banana peppers and red pimento peppers along with some of the seeds we saved from last year which look like they may actually grow, which were colored bell peppers: purple, orange, white, they are on the left.

this is the sugar snap peas, they sure would be easier tp pick if they were a different color!

two of these tomatoes are the only ones which grew from the 16 seeds I got from Amanda, the others are volunteers which we keep finding in last years tomato bed.

these are Cosmos, which I got the seeds free in the mail.

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