Saturday, May 9, 2009

the pot garden...

its hard to see but they little dogs are ferocious mole chasers... here they were trying to catch the mole burrowing along the patio where I keep the pots. Quite a hole for little dogs! They don't give up easily that's why we have little holes all over the yard.

this pot is "lavender" and if you look really close its about to bloom! I'm so excited! I planted it last year and have been waiting for it to bloom since. planted with it is some peppermint, which I need to cut and dry for tea, very good for the digestion, has a calming affect. I can use the dehydrator I got from my soon as I figure out how to use it, they got it at an auction and it doesn't have a directions book, I'll keep you posted, last year I dried it in the microwave between two paper towels. this is also hpw I dried the basil, but never ever try it with celery leaves! they catch fire...really we tried this at Amandas , not good...not good at all.

this pot is the basil.

I think this is the lime tree, it survived the winter

and look! this is the lemon tree, it survived too...I thought it was a gonner and had it set out to take to the burn pile when Kenneth showed me this morning that it was still growing, I said "No, thats a weed growing in the pot" but when I went to pull it out it was a new shoot from the root, look how big it is!

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