Monday, March 19, 2012

To continue...

We started by painting the back of the upper cabinets "Jamaican Blue", 
its a Behr paint from Home Depot.

this is my inspiration...
although I won't have glass doors, because my shelves never look this good.
 I just wanted a flash of blue whenever you open them.

we start on the white... Its looking pretty...

coming together...

one cabinet completed...

Kenneth installed a simple spot light over the sink
and a fluorescent light above,
 I'm going to make a faux stained glass panel (painted) for here which will be lighted from behind.

 Kenneth installed the wood blinds, I love how they turned out.

 Yes! I like this, It's going to be really pretty.

A sneak peek at the butter yellow which I'll be using.

all the upper cabinets are finished...

Kenneth has been lining the shelves with peal-n-stick tiles,
this will make them easier to clean.

NOTE: Just wanted to thank everyone who has been helping me with some of the design decisions, I am the designer, but Kenneth is my work crew... and none of this would be possible without all his help and putting up with the continual changes I've made as we progress.

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