Thursday, March 29, 2012

we interrupt this kitchen remodel...

to update and repair the utility room...
Kenneth had to move the 220 electrical plug up
 to make room for the dryer stand he built for me. 
 Hopefully this will allow me to be able to reach clear to the back of the tub
  without assistance.
I also have an idea to cover the electrical box, maybe a pretty picture.

 He also removed all the old copper water lines and replaced the rotted paneling.
See the cover that goes around the drip pan, he found it down inside the wall...

 first coat of the butter yellow paint applied...
it's from Home Depot, Behr "Banana Split"

Uh oh.... that doesn't look good... that will get replaced.
Maybe that's why the rechargeable drill never recharged?

NOTE:  we had to reschedule the delivery of the new washer/dryer
until this Saturday, March 31.  I'm so excited...

Kenneth comment "It's really yellow", I like it...
(this is two coats...thinking it might need a little more)
also the metal surround will need to be fastened onto the wall.

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