Monday, December 8, 2008

6 FREE Christmas Cards...

Go to and order your 6 free Christmas cards. compliments of Better Homes and Gardens. Just use the code "holidaygift" at checkout.

  • I had to create an account, leave the site and go back in to be able to upload my photo and create my card. When you go to My Photos and upload your pictures, double click on "start upload" to load them into your "new folder". After you finish designing your card enter the "holidaygift" in the "Do you have a coupon?" box. then you MUST recalculate to get the cards for FREE. WHEN YOU GO TO THE ENTER YOUR BILLING/SHIPPING INFORMATION, THE SHIPPING IS $4.99. You will have to determine if the FREE 6 cards are worth $5.00. They were cute but I didn't go ahead and get them.

So instead you get a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from US to YOU!

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JENNYB said...

well aint that just the sweetest picture I ever did see.. awwwwwww