Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Are you a person who make the New Years Resolutions? Well if your is to eat better check out these sites from "Hungry Girl".

  • Yup, I do have a slew of sites I use. I tend to go for the sites that really serve a specific purpose over ones that have lots of fluff and fancy copy. (Ugh -- I hate fluff!) Here is a list of my favorites:

  • 1. CalorieKing - This site is THE place to go for nutritional info. There are other sites that are similar, but this has the most complete and accurate database of nutritionals for generic, name-brand, and restaurant foods. I visit it dozens of times every week.

  • 2. Dotti's Weight Loss Zone - Dotti has what I think is THE best database of Weight Watchers POINTS® values for foods from specific restaurants. As with any unofficial site, you should try to double-check the stats to be sure they're accurate and up-to-date. Dotti ROCKS.

  • 3. - Even if you're not following the WW plan, this website is a FANTASTIC resource. The message boards are amazing, and anyone can search away on them. If you're a member with a question about anything under the sun, post it on the boards and you'll have dozens of answers almost INSTANTLY -- that's what I like best about the WW site. While members get the most from this site, there are tons of articles and valuable info available to everyone as well.

  • 4. SparkPeople - I receive hundreds of emails from people each month who RAVE about Join for free, and you'll have access to tons of tools, the site's community, health articles, and more. People SWEAR by it. There's even a team for HG fans. WOOHOO!

  • 5. The Daily Plate - is fantastic. With a food journal, exercise tracker, calorie calculator, and database of a bazillion foods, this site is one of the best out there. You really need to be organized, though, to get the maximum benefits from it, since there's a lot going on there.

  • 6. The World's Healthiest Foods - is an amazing resource for food info. Find out which foods are the most nutritious and why, plus find recipes and fantastic articles. The book version is an absolute FOOD BIBLE, and the site itself is packed with info.

  • Hope you like the sites!

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teresa said...

one of my resolutions last year was to start keeping a food journal. i managed to meet my weight goal and keep it off. the easiest one to use if
it's free and also lets me enter my exercise and calories burned along with weight goals. good luck and happy new year!