Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I did it!

After reading my friend Jenefer's blog...she made some pizza using homemade pizza crust (check it out over at "Just Jenefer")...Kenneth was like drooling... I got the nerve up to finally make some homemade bread, with yeast!

OK, I hear everyone going "what's the big deal?" But you have to understand my phobias...What if it doesn't rise? How will I know how long to knead it? What if it doesn't taste good? What if nobody likes it? Do you see a pattern here?

Once upon a time I went to a therapist, she was quick to point out to me that I have a tendency to "What IF?" everything to death. Anyway I'm still working on it soooo you ask.......how did it turn out?

Absolutely Fabulous!

It sliced up really nice for sandwiches and was a wonderful toast.

Since the recipe makes enough for two loaves,

I made cinnamon rolls out of half, see all the goodies in the bottom of the pan.

If you notice the missing roll from the pan, it was great with morning coffee!

Note: Bread recipe from "Chickens In the Road", its her Grandmother Bread. The rolls are from the "Crispies" recipe, only I didn't mash them down, maybe next time.


To save money by making your own homemade bread, do you save anything if you then decide to go buy the $200.00 Kitchen Aid mixer to help in making it?

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JENNYB said...

OMG...that looks yummy!!! the bread and the cinnamon rolls.

You did GREAT! I love making bread.